Born (1995) and raised in Tucson, Arizona, Anthony Constantino’s music has been hailed by The New York Times as “plush, cinematic, and animated.” Since then, Anthony has written for a variety of ensembles ranging from chamber to orchestral, vocal, and electroacoustic. His music has received numerous accolades and has been performed in prestigious venues, schools, and summer festivals internationally and within the United States such as Carnegie Hall, the Kennedy Center, Rocky Ridge Music Center, St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, and the Manhattan School of Music to name a few. He has participated in many commissions and collaborations with organizations and ensembles such as the Tucson Symphony Orchestra, The Kennett Symphony of Chester County, and the Arizona Repertory Singers. At the age of 16, Anthony received a commission from Carnegie Hall as part of the Carmina Burana Choral Project to write a new work for choir and orchestra which was premiered in Stern Auditorium, February 2012. Shortly after, Anthony was selected as a 2014 YoungArts Winner out of 11,000 applicants. He has also been recognized at the national level by the Music Teachers National Association as a Composition Award Winner. His music draws from a wide scope of American influences, and combines the driven coolness of the west coast with the wild passion of the east coast. Mixing sweeping lyricism with jarring dissonance, his style aims to connect on a deeply emotional level. Anthony completed his Bachelor of Music at Manhattan School of Music studying with Richard Danielpour. He is currently continuing his studies at the graduate level at UCLA since Fall, 2016.


List of works

  • orchestral

    Amidst All Our Brilliance (2015) - 8'

    Infinite Passage (2014) - 8'

    Mutata Fortuna (2014) - 5'

    Longing: Adagio for String Orchestra (2013) - 9'

    Cloudless Ascent (2012) - 5'

    Thus it Was (2012) - 7'

    Vesuvius (2011) - 5'

  • Chamber

    "Crevasses" for Bass Clarinet, Marimba, and Piano (2015) - 5'

    "Lasciate Ogne Speranza, Voi Ch'entrate" for Solo Piano (2015) - 10'

    "Ritual Songs" for Clarinet, Viola, and Piano (2014) - 12'

    "Nietzschetorium 1" for Percussion Quartet (2014) - 5'

    "Prayer" for String Quartet (2013) - 5'

    Duo for Clarinet and Bassoon (2012) - 4'

  • Vocal

    "Amid a Crowd of Stars" for Baritone, Horn, and Piano (2015) - 18'

    "Qui Tacet Consentire" for SSAATTBB Choir (2015) - 8'

    "Time Passes" for Voice + Piano (2014) - 4'

    "Come Little Leaves" for Voice + Piano (2014) - 4'

    "The Trumpet" for SATB Choir (2013) - 5'

    "Surely God is My Salvation" for SATB Choir - 5'

    "A Refusal to Mourn" for Baritone and Pierrot Ensemble (2012) - 13'

    "III: A god can do it" for Voice + Piano (2012) - 3'

    "How Now" for SATB Choir (2012) - 4'

    "My Soul would like to be a Star" for SATB Choir (2012) - 4'

    "Beauty Has the Coldest Heart" for SATB Choir (2011) - 4'

  • Electroacoustic

    "Astral Projection" for Viola + Tape (2016) - 10'

    "girl, tired" for Tape (2015) - 4'

    "Wormhole" for Tape (2014) - 7' 25''